Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sick, so my lovely hubby dropped my daughter and I off at the hospital so I could get treated for a sore throat. Joe had been sick before, but I got to the point where my throat hurt so bad I couldn't stand it. Come to find out, I have Strep Throat.... and here is where my amazing (and sick) husband jumps into action. He waits around at the hospital for my prescription with me and then takes me home. Then after work he goes BACK to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotics. He gets home around 6:30 p.m. and I am exhausted and had been in the recliner for 4 hours. He gets food for the two girls while I sleep. Then after all the girls are in bed he pulls all the bedding from upstairs down into the living room. At 3 a.m. I wake up freezing and with a temp of 103. Joe immediately puts 3-4 blankets on me and rubs my feet till I fall asleep. Around 4:45 a.m. he wakes me up to take some meds and again rubs my feet till I sleep. I was awake for about 20 min around 7:30 a.m. and Joe called my visiting teacher to see if she could watch Rhynli for me, since I was incapacitated. He ran around like crazy for me, trying to make things easier on me.

Work was though, and he had to leave early to get Rhynli, then back to the house to get Ceilidha and head out to the RES Art Show. When they came back Joe looked completely worn out. He can hardly speak because his throat hurts so bad and yet he had me sit back and relax while he put both girls to bed. Now, as I sit here typing, Joe is sleep on the couch. He figures that since he can't sleep with me, he can sleep as close as possible to me. Last night he slept on the floor by the recliner. Tomorrow he is going to see about going into the doctor as well. He is such an amazing guy.

Living With GI Joe, Intro

I have been one of the most blessed women in the world. I am the wife of a real, live GI JOE. Yes, he is in the military, and Yes, his name is Joe. He is the most amazing person I have ever met, and this blog is dedicated to him. He does so much for our family, his job, and this country... and yet he never sees the depth of his service. Just as a started, Joe was raised in a large family of 14 people. He was taught hard work and respect for those around him. He has served in church in many capacities. I married him in 2001 and we have 2 daughters now. We are stationed in Germany whre he is in the Army. He is the perfect husband, and I couldn't imagine a better companion.

The reason I created this blog is because my husband does so many wonderful things and is so thoughful that I though if I could share some of these things with all of you then 1) it would help otheres 2) provide some humor 3) let him know just how much love we have for him and all he does.

Some entries are going to be silly and funny, some more sensative and sweet, and others -- well who knows what you will get then. I hope people will post to this with their ideas as well.